Serenus Coin

A crypto-collateral stablecoin and DEX

This distributed app was in alpha launch. The smart contracts run on the Ethereum mainnet but it is no longer in use. The website has been left up for historical purposes.

ETH/USD swap price: $0

Issuer pool 0 ETH Ether balance 0 ETH
Serenus supply 0 SRS Serenus balance 0 SRS
System collateral 0% Account address 0x0000000...


The collateral level that backs Serenus is always public

Capital efficient

Issuers top-up their contracts with ether to keep Serenus stable

Easy to Use

Buy and sell Serenus cheaply, securely and quickly

White paper

If the collateral ratio falls more ether will be sent to the SRS smart contracts. Serenus holders can cash in their tokens for ether at any time. See the white paper for details.


The code for the smart contract is open source and available on Github. It's written in Vyper.


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