Issuer contracts provide liquidity to users of the Serenus Coin system. They stand ready to take on the volatility of ETH/USD in return for collecting a 0.20% fee on each user trade selling ether into the contract. Issuers get additional long exposure to ETH/USD. The users get newly minted serenus that have had the volatility of ETH/USD removed from them.

If the collateral ratio backing the solvency of an issuer contract falls below 120%, it may be taken over by anyone resulting in a loss of the contract to the new owner. In the table below, any contract that has insufficient collateral will display a link that anyone can use to takeover that contract. Do not create an issuer contract if you are not familiar with the risks entailed. Read the white paper and terms and conditions before opening an issuer contract.

Opening an issuer

Adding a new issuer contract to the DEX and the table below will take a few minutes beyond transaction confirmation. Reload this page in your browser. Please contact us by email, direct message Twitter @getserenus, or use our Telegram group if you have any questions.

Select your leveraged long target and create your own issuer contract:

Active issuer contracts

Only issuer contract owners may deposit ether, withdraw ether, change the target collateral ratio, or close their own contracts. Anyone may sell serenus into a contract. If you need to explore the other features of a particular issuer contract, please use a wallet app to interact directly with it. One good option is to use the issuer ABI and the issuer contract address from the table below on myetherwallet. You do not need to create a wallet with them to do so.

Contract address Owner address ETH balance Serenus issued Issuer collateral % Target collateral % Deposit ether Withdraw ether Reduce serenus